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There is little room to maneuver, and sunlight barely touches the landscape. Each and every space is letted as a living area to house people, to the point where rooftops are apartments, stores, and restaurants often. In the Undercity, you're always on the roof of something, and there's always something above you.

When the universe sidetracks one on laundry day, which leads to the discovery of a key Kshatriya artifact, a good day can quickly turn bad. Play as a faceless civilian thrust into a world of trouble for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Follow the mysterious runner and figure out why he stole that shiny thing you found.

This was the first planned episode in a never ending series of short episodic shooter games spanning many time periods and locales about powerful alien artifacts that influence and intoxicate those in their immediate vicinity.

Pay close attention to the loading screens and cutscenes, and understand that this game is buggy, shitty, single player, and only lasts 15 minutes. also, all the voice acting was done by me and a few friends so dont hate too hard. (although I would appreciate comments and constructive criticism)

all animations and props were made by my friend adrian and I, however I spearheaded this project so I'd say the vast majority of the work is mine. it was made in FPS Creator in a few months.

Install instructions

simply download the .7z, extract it, and play the .exe file.

the resolution can be changed by editing "width" and "height" numbers in setup.ini but there are no settings in game. it defaults to 1440x900 and if your monitor is lower resolution than that, it will not work.

although the game is dog ugly and lowpoly AF, it is horribly optimized and uses a bad game engine, so it will crash frequently and have memory leaks. I recommend at least a 3 GHZ quad core processor, 4-6 gb of RAM and a decent 512 or 1024MB video card AT LEAST to run this badboy at a constant 60+ frames.


Kshatriyafullv1.7z 488 MB


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the crowd in the mall in level 3 doesn't always seem to spawn for everyone. that's another known bug (last screenshot) but you can kill them if they do it's fun :P

Its interesting but it is buggy, I ended up struggling with objects and at one point put my player outside the map and saw black boxes everywhere and your city skybox. So I couldn't play further once I reached the soldiers.

yeah the maps pretty basic and boxy from the outside. FPSC is an engine known for its collision problems. be careful in combat and just try not to die even once and it might not glitch out

This looks nice but it doesn't start ("FPSC Game has stopped working")

Win10, 64bit, i5-6600, 32GB 2133 MHz DDR4, GTX750Ti-2GB with working drivers, 7z extracted without error.

run it in windows 7 sp2 compatibility mode. it's an FPSC X9 game and idk if that was really planned to work on win10. none of my FPSC games even work in 8. I use 7.

No luck, too bad. The trailer is awesome by the way. :)

please dont let this be a discouragement if you're not this guy tho, I know it works on some computers.

Yeah! If anybody gets this running on Windows 10, please tell us in a comment here!